Conference Programme

You can still access Evergreen versions of some of the sessions that took place at the Creativity & Culture Conference 2017, by clicking on the links below. When you register for the session, click on “replay” to gain immediate access. You can still submit questions when you watch the replays. We will discuss some of these questions during the monthly follow up sessions. Enjoy!

Day/Time Type of Session Speaker Themes
9:15 Evergreen Conference Host
Jesvir Mahil
Who gets recognised for being creative and who remains ignored?
10:15 Evergreen Dr Karl K Jeffries What is creativity? What are the challenges in assessing it?
11:15 Evergreen Chris Vaughan How does creativity differentiate us from animals?
11:30 Evergreen Steven Healey What makes conversations creative in virtual environments?
12pm Evergreen Dr Finn Majlergaard How is diversity important in generating creativity?
2:15 Evergreen Delia Goldsby What is the relationship between creativity, collaboration and sustainability?
2:45 Evergreen Mark Layder How was E. Deming able to creatively transform business culture in Japan?
3:15 Evergreen Derek Cheshire How is chaos and ambiguity important in creativity?
5:15 Evergreen Kelvin Beer-Jones How do networks generate and sustain themselves, ethically and creatively?
5:30 Evergreen Melba Schertler How does creativity support us in our struggle for survival?
6:15 Evergreen Sandra Kerr Who owns creativity? Is it the individual; the group; the society or the culture?
6:45 Evergreen Ariana Mazzucchi What is the relationship between nature and creativity?
7:15 Evergreen Kerri Lake What is the relationship between creativity and harmony?

9:15 Evergreen Aryna Ryan What is everyday creativity?
10:15 Evergreen Sanyya Gardez How ecological is creative disruption to the lives of others?
10:30 Evergreen Elizabeth Harley What is the relationship between creativity & ethics?
11:15 Evergreen Kalpesh Patel How relevant is creativity in the formulaic world of personal development?
11:30 Evergreen Neema Begum How well is creativity recognised when researchers are positioned on the margins?
12:15 Evergreen Abha Maryada Banerjee How can we use synergy to collaborate creatively?
2:15 Evergreen Sofie Vanhoutte How can we use creativity to overcome physical challenges?
2:30 Evergreen Alex Garcez How can we use reading skills to develop creativity without being over-stimulated?
3pm  Evergreen Annemieken Reepingen What are the drawbacks of copyrighting and trademarking creative ideas?
5:15 Evergreen Alan Gee How do we measure the value of creativity in art?
5:30 Evergreen Nick Heap
6pm Evergreen Paul Mountjoy Is it easier to teach creatively to students at higher levels of mastery in their subjects?
6:45 Evergreen Erwin Sniedzins How can the creativity that is stimulated through travelling,  transform our lives?
7:15 Evergreen Francis Newman How can meditation stimulate creativity?