Creative Conversations

You are warmly welcomed to listen to a range of intercultural Conference Speakers  sharing their current thoughts on creativity & join our Creative Conversations with Jesvir Mahil, the Director of University for Life, interviewing experienced educators, academic researchers and entrepreneurs, including:

Sandra Kerr Artist Elizabeth Harley Educator,   Sofie Vanhoutte Entrepreneur , Neema Begum Researcher,  Steven Healey Entrepreneur , Melba Linda Schertler Entrepreneur, Annemieken Van Reepingen Entrepreneur, Delia Goldsby Entrepreneur, Alex Garcez Educator , Kelvin Beer-Jones  Researcher,  Paul Mountjoy  Educator


  • Who owns creative ideas? Is it the individual or is it the society or culture in which those ideas arise?
  • How do we evaluate ethics in creativity? Is all creativity ethical? Who pays when the status quo is challenged?

Persuasion & Recognition

  • Who gets recognised for being creative and who does not?
  • What makes some highly creative people more persuasive than others?

Pressures & Challenges

  • What pressures and challenges stifle or inhibit creativity?


  • What is the impact of cultural diversity on creativity and vice versa?

….and many more themes around creativity…..