Kerri Lake

Kerri Lake , one of the key speakers at the Creativity and Culture Online Conference  (2017) suggests that businesses and organizations don’t consistently function dynamically unless their associates have the support to show up and participate creatively in their fullest of potential.  How can we empower ourselves and one another to show up with our full passion and creativity to benefit the whole?  Kerri Lake integrates techniques of mindfulness with pragmatic application, bringing people together with a broadened awareness and creativity in their operational environment that, while common to all of us, is often left at the door rather than fully explored and expressed.

Kerri is based in North San Diego County, California and has been teaching tools of awareness since 1985. Her work empowers individuals to know the value of their own presence in every relationship at work, at home and within themselves. She acknowledges that the professional world often allows little space for a uniquely creative human expression, yet finds and teaches ways for people in the professional world to show up feeling alive, aware and available for the issues and events in which they are participating. Her techniques open the door to perpetual creativity and the recognition that each individual is a vast resource for cultural change.

Kerri has created Generation Of Harmony, a developing resource and consultancy awakening human awareness to the ease of living harmoniously and creatively in all endeavors.  She provides education and services to co-create the highest expression of your vision in harmony with life. She travels around the world to teach and facilitate, has published two books including Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance and A Sense Of Self;  and is currently writing her third book to further empower people to recognize and develop their innate gifts. Contact Kerri Lake here