Ealing Business Mastermind Network Testimonials for Jesvir Mahil

At a recent meeting of the Ealing Club I was hugely impressed with Jesvir and her organisation skills and obvious people empathy. She had everything under great control and immediately established ‘rules’ and discipline for the meeting, ensuring everyone had a chance to meet and explore all opportunities in a very encouraging way. Even a shrinking violet (of which there were none!) would have flowered in this environment.
People who organise and run these clubs are too often unsung heoroes (heroines) and so I would like to take this opportunity to sing Jesvir’s praises and acknowledge the hard work she clearly puts in every week so we can get maximum benefit from these meetings. Well done! Brian Marcel

I have just given a presentation on ‘Turning Your Passion into Profit’ at the Ealing Ecademy. Jesvir’s dedication to her group is quite clear and her organisational capability is second to none. She is the spirit of the group and creates highly innovative networking exercises which cant fail to bring in business. She is a great credit to Ecademy. Everyone should attend and learn from her expertise.
Carole Spiers, Empowerment Expert, www.carolespiers.com
Carole SPIERS -‘Motivator’

Jesvir organised yet another wonderful evening last night at the Ealing ecademy. Two excellent speakers, lots of chat, fun and great food. I feel privileged to know Jesvir and know that everyone would benefit from attending her evening. Nina Loisel

What a great person Jesvir is. I attended one of her Ealing Ecademy networking evenings last night – and found her organisational skills outstanding and her welcome warm and generous. We had a great evening with excellent speakers. Well done Jesvir. Dawn Hillier

I met Jesvir last night at the Ecademy event in Ealing. Jesvir is an excellent host and helped and was pivotal in helping people to connect. She is a lovely, warm and friendly person and meeting was relaxed yet effective. I would wholeheartedly recommend to any one to attend the Ealing networking event. Erna Smit

I met Jesvir last night at the Ecademy meeting in Ealing, which she runs. It was lovely to meet Jesvir in person having corresponded previously by email. She’s a an extremely warm and friendly person, who is adept at putting people and newcomers like myself at ease. The meeting was very inspirational, fun, with excellent company, good speaker and good food. I’ll definitely be making the meeting an important date in my diary. Win Thomas

Jesvir holds the ecademy meeting in Ealing, this is a great event to attend especially if you are just starting out on ecademy and networking. You will gain knowledge about networking and meet people who are genuinely keen to know and help you. There is also a great Nepalese meal in engaging company. Highly recommended!
Phil Pearl

Jesvir is an amazing person, very friendly, open, professional and caring. I’ve attended her Ealing Ecademy networking events regularly & find them great fun, very inspirational and a great night out. I love doing the PeopleWeb. It makes you think about just how many people you do actually know. She always has great speakers and I always meet great people there. Definitely someone to connect with. Nicola “Creative” Gaughan

Jesvir, Thank you for your lovely welcome and your inviting nature. I loved the way you ran the meeting tonight and made everyone, and especially me, feel like a long last companion of many years. I look forward to working in close collaboration with you,
All my best, Pauline Crawford

Jesvir is quite simply an absolutely lovely person. She invited me over to her Ealing Ecademy event, and it was run so well. We even managed an excellent Nepalese meal before the evening was through. A MUST CONNECT person!! Guy Massey

Jesvir is a wonder of wisdom! To attend her Ealing Ecademy event is like being blessed by kindness, creativity, professionalism, positive energy and friendship! Her knowledge about business networking makes me feel like I’m a disciple to a great Master. And Jesvir is also someone who always gives much more than she takes….someone who has integrity…someone who is HONEST and with high ethical standards! A model for networking…a model for how to live your life…a model for friendship!I’m very grateful to be part of her network!!! Susanne Palm

Many thanks for inviting me to the Ealing Ecademy event last night. You are the only group organiser who makes sure that your networkers get a good meal – it is such a sensible idea. best regards Mark Needham

Jesvir is dedicated to adding real value to people’s lives. She is open, honest and very creative. If you haven’t yet signed up for her newsletter I suggest that you do this without delay. And if you haven’t experienced the warm and welcoming environment of her Ealing networking event (plus the superb food!) may I also suggest that you attend at the earliest opportunity. This is what the spirit of Ecademy is all about. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jesvir. She has already helped me with a project that’s very close to my heart. She is a credit to the Ecademy network. Davide De Angelis

Jesvir is a superb organiser and meeting leader. I met her when I visited the Ealing Ecademy group and was mightily impressed with her warmth and organistion skills. Well done Jesvir. Graham Price

I met Jesvir at the Ealing Ecademy group. She made an excellent job of organising the evening which was on the one hand light hearted, friendly and fun – on the other an environment where, obviously, good business contacts and ideas were being mutually exchanged. Well done! Niall “Art Dealer”Fairhead

Jesvir is a great facilitator and organiser. The Ealing event location is a good one – just right for a chat & a great meal! Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon. Mark Birch

Hi Jesvir, I am really impressed by your unique style and strongly recommed the Ealing Ecademy to others.It was a fun and interactive evening and I got to communicate with some people at a more personal level.I wish you all the best in life and look forward to meeting you again. Warm Regards, Kashish Golani

Jesvir, that was probably the most productive and enjoyable networking event I have ever attended. I really felt I got to know other people and have already started to build working relationships with a few of them. Well done to you and many thanks, Conor A. McDonnell

Jesvir is a very pleasent and friendly person and she manages the event really well. I enjoyed a fantastic evening of networking with an opportunity to get to know people quite well. I will certainly be attending future events. http://www.kiramar.co.uk Gurpreet Singh

Jesvir, Thank you very much for such a nice evening yesterday at Ealing Ecademy – you are certainly a great facilitator, and a truely pleasant and patient person! I shall come again Lawrence (People Power) Perry

Hi Jesvir,
Many thanks again for inviting me to the Ealing Ecademy. It was a great evening, well organised, with plenty to keep us on our toes and thinking, but all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And a really nice, friendly and welcoming group of Ecademists too! I look forward to coming up for future meetings Rob Cuesta

“It was a pleasure being in such a warm and receptive group, who appreciate you for what you really are and not judging you in any way, shape or form. I’ll be back for sure!” – Kavit Haria, Inner Rhythm Ltd, www.innerrhythm.org

……thanks for organising the meeting on Monday. As I’ve said to others, while I’m fairly new to this type of business networking, Monday’s session was – I believe – the most productive and enjoyable that I have attended, and I shall certainly attend again. And I shall recommend that others do so. With best regards, Jeremy Probert www.thewordmonger.com

“I believe that Jesvir has a rare sensitivity and empathy with people from all backgrounds that enables her to be a great facilitator. Watching Jesvir break down barriers at her Ealing Ecademy events to create an informal relaxed dialogue climate is a rewarding and enjoyable way to spend a Monday evening.”
Mark Wiggins, Sales Director, Hitwise – www.hitwise.co.uk

Jesvir, HI!! The networking evening that you organised was just fanastic. I really enjoyed the speed networking as well the discussions in the resturant where the food was superb. The number of people were just right as it gave all of us a chance to have a decent conversation with all who were there. I would certainly recommended it to others I come in contact with. regards Abdul Parker Rauf www.avangarde.co.uk
Ecademy Blog posted by Paul Sherman 2 March:
“I was invited to Ealing Ecademy for the fortnightly networking event last night. It was great, well organised by Jesvir Mahil, a very interesting collection of people, generating a number of opportunities and good food too! If you live in West London I strongly recommend you take a look and contact Jesvir direct.” Paul Sherman Join Ecademy Marketplace & Power Up here
“Absolutley Paul. Last night was the best organised networking event I’ve ever attended, largely because Jesvir concentrated on making sure that we got the maximum from it. And the curry was excellent too. I’ll come again.” Andy Fairgrieve Prima Vista
“I attended an Ecademy.com networking event hosted by Jesvir and would like to say how well organised it was. Jesvir made us all feel very comfortable and constantly encouraged us all to meet and speak to each other, which of course was the objective of the event. All in all a resounding success! Lawrence Biren London Discount Hotel

“Dear Jesvir, …Many thanks for inviting me to the Ealing Academy meeting on Monday 2 February. It was a well organised, enjoyable and productive evening. The atmosphere was open, friendly, business oriented and there was a good cross section of members and businesses. I look forward to further meetings like these!! Regards,…Paul Walsh www.shirlaws.biz

“………It was a good idea to get everyone saying “How can I help you?” to each other and take it from there.”…Michela Ledwidge www.thequality.com

“Hi Jesvir, Thanks for the meeting last night – it was very good to meet new people and you host it perfectly.” Andy Harris www.focust.biz

Greetings Jesvir…I very much enjoyed the meeting last evening…the group was small and very friendly… the food at the meal was superb and freshly cooked … I would encourage any newcomer to make this their first event …Brian Snellgrove http://www.remoteview.co.uk/

Hi Jesvir
I really enjoy the atmosphere, and feel you organise the evening very well. It’s a great tool for networking, very relaxed with no pressure. The food is great, catered for all tastes, meat eaters or vegetarians, and I feel comfortable to explain what my business is about….. Martin Boothe “Move for Success” www.moveforsuccess.com

Hi Jesvir,…..What a fun experience it was at the Ealing Ecademy last night. It was so well organised that it made networking easy! Rather than just a bunch of people hanging around trying to see if they had anything in common, I liked the way that you actively had us ask others what we could do for them. All of this was followed by a very nice dinner where we carried on discussing both personal and business issues. All in all, a great way to make new friends and form new new business alliances.
Many thanks,….Shailen Thakrar, www.WSIwebarchitects.com

Great Meeting Last Night Jesvir!
Jesvir, just a quick note to say what a well organised networking event. You took us out of our comfort zone while at the same time making us all feel very much at home. A unique talent! There was a wealth of people there from all kind of backgrounds. I will certainly be attending the next one. Warmest Regards, Phil Roberts www.athousandmiles.net

Thanks for the fun! Hi Jesvir, I simply wanted to agree with Phil. Without doubt the best and most fun Ive had at a networking event. Great icebreakers, even if Im useless at them, good speakers and really excellent food. The company wasnt bad either. I will certainly attend future events. Many thanks for your efforts Regards, Steve Lazarus www.theclaimsdesk.co.uk

Glad to be at the meeting
Hi Jesvir, I agree with Phil and Steve. I thought everybody played a role to make the event very interesting.I will certainly attend future events. Regards Manmeet Singh

Having attended many networking events this is the one that I would recommend most highly. Jasvir takes networking to a whole new level and I guarantee that you won’t leave feeling disappointed! Oh, and the food’s pretty good too! All the best, Seb Mayfield, The Colour Works

Jesvir , I’m so glad you invited me to your meeting. For me, it went beyond conventional networking. There was a real opportunity to get to know members in a quiet and delightful setting. Your meticulous attention to detail is admirable…….Francis Newman, Message Matters www.message- matters.com

Just got back from visiting Ealing Ecademy. What an immensely enjoyable and stimulating evening it was. All of us who run clubs have got a lot to learn from Jesvir. She hosted an action packed event for approaching 40 people that included speed networking, informal networking over an excellent curry, our own TP, the Mayor of Ealing, AND she tied everyone together with a ball of pink string – you had to be there! Not only that but she managed to get a reporter along from the Ealing Gazette, together with photographer Paul Haigh to capture it all. I was so exhausted I just had to have an extra serving of aloo gobi to recuperate. I’ve come away with a fistful of business cards and at least six conversations that I just know are going to lead to some interesting developments one way or another.
If you haven’t been to Ealing Ecademy I urge you all to get along to a meeting soon.Well done Jesvir. It was well worth the journey! Martin Shepherdly

Jesvir Mahil at the Ealing Ecademy has the formula for networking. The Mayor was there. The Ealing Gazette was there. Press photographers were there. 40 members were there. Even I was there. Demand was for 60 places but the restaurant holds just 40 people. Limited supply is a very clever concept in networking. Connecting everyone in the room together with a single cord was a magical idea. Then speed networking, then two 5 minute speeches, then a delicious curry for a very modest 12.50 ahead, then table networking swapping after each course. Humour and laughter complemented the night. An utterly brilliant evening. If you want to do the same and replicate the Jesvir Mah-gic connect with Jesvir today. Regards, Thomas Power (founder of Ecademy)
Quite simply, Jesvir is Ealing’s Queen of Networking,
Ask her advice about how to do it properly. Rod Sloane