Aryna Ryan

Aryna Ryan, one of the key speakers at the Creativity and Culture Online Conference (2017)  believes that our culture’s persistent demand for creativity clearly exceeds the training we currently provide. How do we bridge this gap?

We must be committed to dispensing the knowledge and cultivating the practices which will facilitate creativity taking its VIP role in life.

Combining established techniques from the science of creativity with best practices from creative coaches and writers,
Aryna Ryan is dedicated to teaching people to recognize and enhance their own creativity.

A recent transplant to Los Angeles County, Aryna Ryan primarily worked in Palm Springs, California and Orlando, Florida. Since 1995 she has been teaching artistic and inventive methods to explore, develop and nurture individual creativity. Her philosophy is reflected in her favorite aphorism, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Aryna holds an M.S. in Creativity and Change Leadership as well as a Masters in Social Work. She uses training from both to illustrate how to solve problems and inspire creative productivity.

To bookend her volume Creativity: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Aryna is currently outlining two books, one each for children and seniors. Contact Aryna Ryan here