Creativity Masterminds

I wonder what connects us? What is the link between you and I? Is it our shared culture; our vision and values? Like myself, do you value creativity, prosperity, truth, wisdom and peace? Could we bring our skills and resources together to collaborate on creative, life enhancing and sustainable ventures? If so, read on …


Who am I?

I am an Education Consultant specialising in development of creativity skills, (click here to read more )

With 30 years of experience in education, teaching, coaching, consulting and inspecting, including 12 years through my own Education Consultancy, University for Life, I have compiled a doctoral thesis for a PhD at the University of Birmingham, about creativity, which I am in the process of writing up.
Building on my research findings, I am looking for associates with whom to form “Creativity Masterminds” (teams of 3 highly skilled people with complementary experience and resources) to work on independent business projects in the field of education.

If your vision, mission and values resonate with my own, please contact me via the contact form on this site, or through FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

My personal vision, mission, values and business strategy are:

Vision: Creative communities with strong, sustainable, inter-dependent relationships.
Mission: To generate prosperity in collaboration with highly skilled, resourceful and ethically conscious professionals
Values: Creativity, Wisdom, Truth, Prosperity, Peace
Strategy: To coach, consult and train individuals and teams to develop creativity through confidence, courage and compassion, transforming our own lives and enhancing our communities, society and culture.

I speak about creativity and culture at international conferences, for example at the Equine Assisted Education conference in California, October 2016

Do you share a similar vision, mission, values and strategy? Would you like to contact me to discuss?

Kind regards, Jesvir Mahil